Musings of My Mind

I was stuck on a ten and a half hour flight with a book, journal, and my brain. The first part of the list was glorious, but the latter a nuisance. 

Naturally, being bored on a plane, I vomited the irony of my mind and the dangers of perfection in words and doodles “bullet” journal style. Evidently, bullet journaling is code for people who buy blank notebooks and design it into a Lilly Pulitzer-winning planner/diary as people who have way too much time on their hands. Sort of like people stuck on a ten hour international flight. 

So if you dare, enjoy the musings of mind: 

After my messy two and a half weeks of travelling, I have to say my favorite is when I get lost in a city, stumbling upon secret gems. Maybe the “not perfect” route is much more fulfilling than we thought…
Bon Voyage! 

13 thoughts on “Musings of My Mind

  1. antoinedsaintexupery says:

    I LOVE the post. Your artwork is amazing and you inspired me to do the this type of journalism as well. I hope if you do any more like the above, you will put them on your blog for I would love to see more. Also I am taking a risk and having courage as I have decided to comment on your blog. Since I have graduated, I figured it would be okay. Also Josie said I should try it and see what happens.

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  2. Alexandra Wolfsbane says:

    YES, i love bullet journals so much! however, i must say i haven’t quite mustered up the courage to buy my own to start for real and commit to, but that might be my own fear of not achieving “perfection”. what would happen if i created a messy page? i’d probably hate it. but reading this makes me realize you’re right: messy is way more fun. btw, your art is beautiful. (such a cute doggie doodle)

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  3. gktrain18 says:

    “This is the Problem with Perfection”
    Dearest Miss Brooks,
    When you told me that you saw your younger self in me I didn’t fully understand until now. I don’t know if the fates were aligned or something, but when I first opened this page on my phone, I accidentally clicked on a picture and that is the one that popped up. Thank you for your continuous guidance in my life regardless of where you are. This post has truly hit home πŸ™‚

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  4. orrkid123 says:

    Well, you’ve managed to inspire me yet again, Ms. Brooks. This looks so fun and cool! Now if only I had an ounce of artistic ability… πŸ˜‰ Who knows, I might just try it anyways!

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