On Body Shaming: Don’t ever forget that you are not just a body, you are a person.

I had to do the obligatory soap box on New Year’s resolutions, but before I start, guess what I had for dinner? Pizza.


PILATES       “Climb the Tree”   Photo credits to Ashley Kanter

This time of year is infamous for body shaming. And I’d like to remind you that your body is actually pretty great. Sure, when I am in my Pilates class and struggling to “climb” my leg, I’m cursing every roll that prevents me from grasping my ankle like every other Amazonian goddess in the class. But as I grab my foot (well, let’s be realistic here: my thigh) I think: Wow, these feet carry me where I want to go. This thigh–as thunderous as it is–supports me when I stand. These arms that sometimes jiggle in a tank top, these arms hold my pup when I give him kisses.


What should we all take away from my neurotic self-conscious epiphanies in Pilates class?

That your body is a tool for your life. You (as in capital Y, You) are not your body. You are a living, breathing soul-mind-person. You are not a body, as much as the mirror likes you to believe. Our bodies are our vessels.

Whether it is a spork or a silver spoon carrying the macaroni and cheese, it doesn’t change the gooey orange goodness, right?

Sorry for all the greasy food metaphors by the way. I know a lot of diets start today… Which brings me to the influx of diets for the New Year. It is cool if you do and it is cool if you don’t. I have my mint, cucumber, and lime water to detox from the thralls of NYE’s bubblies, but I hope that you are choosing to diet, or attend a gym, because you love your body, not because you hate it.

I will be honest. I don’t like what I see in the mirror right now. But I also know that I am so much more than a reflection. I surround myself with people who see me as more than a body, but as a person. I will choose to make healthier choices because I want to take care of the tool that allows me to live my life.

So then why did I eat pizza today? It is quite simple actually–because I wanted to. My soul was hungry from some cheesy comfort. Should I eat my feelings? No. But I believe that to take good care of our bodies is to take care of all of ourselves. If you indulge, don’t guilt yourself over it. We need to start talking to ourselves the way that we talk to our friends. Would you shame your best friend for eating pizza? Hopefully not. So why would you do it to yourself?

Now a terribly late disclaimer: Should you take advice on this topic from someone who struggles with her weight? That’s your call. Just like how you treat your body, and others.

Whatever you choose this year for your resolutions, choose to be kind to the body that gives you the ability to experience your life. And be that person who sees others not as bodies, but as people.

It isn’t waist circumference that makes us human right? I think it is our hearts. So do your heart a favor, and let it love itself and others.

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