The Expulsion of the Comfort Zone

After years of debilitating indecision, I made one. Are shortness of breath and a racing heartbeat the side effects of a life-changing choice?

Though I am seized with regrets and grief for the life that I built for myself, I am excited to experience life outside of my comfort zone. I mourn the loss of my vaulted ceilings and DIY java stained cabinets, but I miss my realm of comfort even more.

“Life begins outside of your comfort zone.” -Neale Donald Walsch

I keep a fuchsia sign toting this quote in a glittery, golden scrawl on my desk for my students to see every day. I know it is true, but it doesn’t make losing the security of monotony any easier. Last week, I was working with my freshmen on archetypes and we talked about The Fall. It originates from the Fall of Mankind, when man is expelled from the Garden of Eden. I can’t help but feel like my launch out of my comfort zone is less of a rocket into the stars of joy and more like a face plant into a shameful reality that Adam and Eve faced after losing Paradise. However, I have to remind myself that I wasn’t in paradise. And I’m not now–but I am going to try to summon the courage (that I try to spawn in my students) to live my new life. Death and Re-Birth, am I right?


*Cue The Lion King anthem and the peach ring sunrise over the horizon.*

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