The Thralls of Coffee Dates with Old Friends

“Alexa, you mean you bought a house with someone out of wedlock?” Her eyes bugged out in shock at her pretentious and pious friend’s transformation since high school.

“I mean, for only three hundred dollars more a month, I could have a backyard and build equity instead of shipping off my money to my snippy landlord’s newest Apple device,” I replied jokingly to her, trying to conceal my embarrassment at my own substitution of values since high school. She had managed to retain her perfect Christ-like image after marrying her college sweetheart four months after graduation with her blonde, cascading ringlets. She did it the right way. The expected way. I knew she was surprised, if not disappointed, in my college metamorphosis. I still couldn’t quite figure out if the “new me” or the “old me” was really me. Whose values had I ransacked in lieu of a driveway and garage? This was the reason I hated seeing old friends because it always conflated my notions of self. I sipped from my coffee to conceal my ruminations.

“I guess that is a good point,” she paused and asked the big, scary question in a soft tone, “But what if you break up?” She treaded the second half of her question carefully.

“You know me. I already wrote up a contract. Don’t think those four years as an English major went to waste. I shared it with my mom’s lawyer and he said I might have a vocation in law. Basically, we sell the house and split the asset. Both of us are responsible for half of our mortgage until the house is sold regardless of relationship or living status,” I paused as she looked a bit overwhelmed. They were still renting a loft downtown and the talks of mortgage sent her brows into a furrow. “I even got it notarized,” I winked for dramatic effect. I didn’t add the snippy, “and what if you get a divorce?” because I knew she meant well.

“Sounds like a typical Alexa,” she giggled. She broke off a chunk of her pumpkin bread and popped it into her mouth with her left hand, letting her diamond glitter in the sunlight. I knew from all of our AP classes in high school that she was definitely right handed.

Featured image modeled by Sydni Heldman. Photographed by Alexa Brooks.

One thought on “The Thralls of Coffee Dates with Old Friends

  1. saltyfiona says:

    I know you said not to look at your blog but I can’t help it.. you are honestly so similar to me.. anyways you are my role model and I promise that you are so much cooler that the blonde with her flashy ring because she will one day be miserable behind her picket fence and regret not being “not miserable” for a longer part of her life. So take this time of your life to not be miserable before you have to. Or you might get lucky and be “not miserable” for ever. I hope that’s the case. You deserve to be happy :)) I support whatever decision you make as long as it is completely selfish and for your own happiness. Also you can live vicariously through my bad college decisions. much love!


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